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Did You know that virtually every type of Toner Cartridge can successfully be repaired refilled and reused over and over again.

Here at Fix IT Fast Electronics we now offer a service where we come and visit you at your office/home/business and refill that empty toner cartridge all for just the cost of your cartridge. It doesn't just finish there, we also give your machine a clean and check that it will give you trouble free printing faxing copying for the life of the cartridge.

We gaurantee that our refills will give you the same number of prints as a genuine cartridge and will in no way cause performance or damage to your machine all at a fraction of the inflated genuine price.

Every toner cartridge successfully refilled stops one from being made to take its place. It makes good environmental sense!
Every toner cartridge sent off for recycling is simply turned into another waste full plastic product, that product eventually ends up into landfill. Stop it from happening. Refilling is the only genuine environmentally freindly option.