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June 2011 Samsung CLX6210/CLX6220/CLP610/CLP660 Printer - Smearing Smudging Toner,ink CYAN/MAGENTA/YELLOW/BLACK Vertical Lines,Drag Marks

The fault can be found in various locations in the unit. The major and most common cause is usually old or temperature affected drum cleaning/wiper blades in the toner cartridges. There are 2 ways to repair this type of problem. 1stly (and most expensive) Replacement of the toner cartridge causing the problem. IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN 1 FAULTY/WORN TONER CARTRIDGE REPLACEMENT OF ALL 4 TONERS IS AROUND $900.00. Many people in this situation consider purchasing a new machine. THIS HOWEVER IS A FALSE ECONOMY. ALL New machines ship with "starter toners" which yeild only around 500 pages. When you consider the cost of the new machine say $600.00 and the set of replacement cartridges -$900.00 the first 5500pages will cost you $1500.00 wheras replacing all 4 toners which yeild 4-5000pages is $900.00.

2ndly (and cheapest) -Replacement of the drum cleaning blade.
Our repair does not use "genuine parts" as we have found through extensive testing the problem will return within 12 - 15 months. We have sourced a replacement cleaning blade which out perfoms the genuine part and once installed gives you a 2-3 year period before it will fail again. If you are a low volume user or you require all 4 blades to be replaced this is the more favourable option for repair as it will only be $300-$350.00 and will last the longest. We Also gaurantee this repair to the extent that should the weather swing from 30~to 0~C causing the blades to fail we will return and replace the blades FREE OF CHARGE.
This is one of the most common repairs we undertake in Brisbane seeing at least 1 machine per week do to our freezing to tropical temperatures during the day. Repeated cold to hot to cold again temperature swings cause the polyeurethane the cleaning blades are made of to "gas out" and stop working.

All repairs come with Fix IT Fast's standard 12 months warranty. All Electrical repairs are tested to Comply with AS/NZ3760 standard for electrical insulation safety.