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JAN 2016 . BROTHER MFC-7860DW/MFC-7360/MFC-7362N/MFC-7460DN/HL-2130/HL-2135W/HL-2240D/HL-2242D/HL-2250DN/HL-2270dw/FAX-2950/MFC-7240/MFC-7460/MFC-7470/DCP-7065
Paper Jam Tray 1. No paper fed, Paper Jam when No paper is jammed. Manual Feeder Works OK.

The MFC-7360,HL2135W,HL-2270DW and similar model MFC's and Laser printers are now reaching 2-5 years of age and are still available Brand new in the form of the MFC7240/FAX2950. If you own one of these machines you know how feature packed and how reliable generally this model is. With a generous 2600pages from each High yield toner and with it being easy to modify low yield models to accept the high yield toner by removing some unnecessary plastic from the front cover it really has proven to be one of the most successful series of printers of all time.
With the lack of an Anti Refill Toner Chip on both the toner cartridge and drum unit which every other manufacturer has decided to start using (see market protectionism- Toner LOCKOUT CHIP and LEXMARK vs THE REST OF THE WORLD)
This printer series allows the customer to control their printing costs by allowing the customer the ability to choose for themself which brand of toner or refill they will use. The downside though has seen many so called "compatible" toners pop up on sites like ebay for as little as $15.00. What the unsuspecting customer fails to realize though is many of these dirt cheap toners damage the upper fuser roller of the machine as the toner powder is not the same chemical compound as in the genuine toner and after 4-5 toners are used the machine starts to paper jam at the rear of the machine and print ghosting can appear.These people are forever in the habit of throwing their machines away every 1.5-2 years or so and they NEVER put 2 and 2 together and realize its their cheap and nasty toner choice that's creating E-Waste and why they can never find a reliable printer. The price of the Toner Cartridge is a dead giveaway as to the quality of the toner powder inside.
There are 2 types of toner genrally used in cartridges MPT and CPT. MPT or mechanical toner being the cheapest to produce involves the grinding or milling of toner which produces uneven random shaped toner partricles. It feels like sandpaper when you rub it between 2 fingers. Its ok to use in machines that have a fuser unit designed specifically with a cleaning unit to clean up the mess it makes.
The 2nd type CPT Is Chemically produced toner and the toner particle is uniform and circular in shape.It is very expensive to produce and behaves like a lubricant like graphite as each toner particle is like millions of microscopic ball bearings.

Paper Jamming in Tray:
The Jamming occurs after the paper tray has been roughly handled and the pick roller gear engage arm breaks. Slamming the paper tray shut in order to vent some built up printer rage is often how we come to see these machines with the message "No Paper Fed", or "Out of Paper" even though paper is loaded. The picture on the left is how your printer should look. The picture on the right is how it will look if you have broken your gear arm and it refuses to pick paper from the bottom tray.

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