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JUL 2015 .BROTHER MFC9330CDW/MFC9140CDN/MFC9340CDW/MFC-9335CDW/DCP-9020cdw/DCP-9015CDW/HL3140,HL3150.HL3170CDW Embossing Prints, Impressions down paper,pressure marks,Orange rubber flecks,Jamming at rear,wrinkling paper.



The BROTHER MFC9330CDW/MFC9140CDN/MFC9340CDW/HL3140 Series Colour laser printer/MFC has been sold by the truckload in the past 1-2 years since its release. These machines have proven to be very popular due to their high number of features including network connectivity (wired and wireless) ability to easily work with aftermarket and refilled toners and its comparatively low Purchase price. This Low price and ability to accept aftermarket toners Though has proven to be its Achilles heel.

In this series of Brothers, they have reduced the size of their upper fuser roller and thereby reduced the amount of aluminium and rubber used to produce the roller. Unlike its predecessor the MFC9140cdn has a fuser roller that is half its size of the MFC9120cn this has increased the paper lift off/separation angle as a result. The bubbling/lift off problem is sped up and often begins through the use of certain so called "Compatible Toners" sold by a handful of popular Online dirt cheap cartridge selling companies. There are reasons why the Genuine Toner costs $138.00 and these online sellers are only $18.00 and it comes down to the powder. The Toner powder used in these compatible cartridges is not the same compound and when it melts in the fuser by the roller it bonds like glue to the roller, because the lift off angle is greater than previous models these two combined factors eventually pulls the rubber off the roller. Left is a picture of the affected part. You will notice the rubber under the black microsleeve on the roller has lifted off and bubbled. The Bubbling of this roller then leads to the embossing as seen in the left print. Here at Fix it Fast Electronics we have sourced an aftermarket manufactured roller (Pictured above)and when it is used with either Genuine or Our Compatible Remanufactured Toners has proven through testing not to suffer the same issues.

If you would like to purchase this roller and fit yourself (aud)$90.00 + postage, Click Buy Now Below, Or Send us your broken fuser and we will fit and post back for $158.00 or Post us your damaged fuser buy 1 set of our toners(c/m/y/k $360) and we will fix your fuser for free and send it back with the 4 toners for free.(AUSTRALIA ONLY)
Drop your printer into us and we will repair for $158.00
Onsite fitted $220.00
Email us at to begin the repair process or Ph 07 3891 9699

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Click Here for Video guide to replace the roller.
IMPORTANT NOTE! Many people open the back of their printer and see orange rubber flakes everywhere and FALSELY come to the conclusion that its the lower orange roller that needs replacement. This is wrong, the orange rubber flakes come from the BLACK upper roller (its orange on the inside). People also see bits and pieces of the black roller stuck to the lower orange roller and think it needs to be changed, this also is wrong as the black pieces will come off when the new upper roller is fitted and the whole unit is heated to its normal operating temp of 180~C.

Our "Fix IT Fast" Remanufactured Toner Cartridges Match or Exceed Genuine OEM Toners print counts and print quality all for a fraction of the cost.

All repairs come with Fix IT Fast's standard 12 months warranty. All Electrical repairs are tested to Comply with AS/NZ3760 standard for electrical insulation safety.