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FEB 2013 . Samsung SCX4216f Black Copies/smudge 1st half page (copying only - faxing/printing/scanning works ok), Randomly switching off and on.

The Samsung scx4216 machine is now reaching 10 years of age yet there are still many units still in use throughout the local community. I must admit I didn't really think much of these machines when they were 1st released, but time has proven them to be one of the most reliable multifunctional ever made. We have several clients with these machines that now have over 200000pages on the print/copy counter and still working perfectly.
We thought we had seen and documented every problem these machines have till 3 of these machines turned up on the work bench from different clients all with exactly the same problem. This is one of the hardest repairs we have come across in a while. The unit would scan perfectly ,print perfectly,fax send/receive perfectly but when copying half the page would be smudged black backgrounded. Not knowing where to begin it was only by sheer chance we noticed that when the page reached half way copied the lcd screen would dim slightly and the "blocks" on it would disappear. This indicates current drawn from the power supply exceeded the amount of power being produced by the power supply which would in turn caused the drum charge voltage to drop and produce black prints. Replacing the electrolytic capacitors mildly improved the problem but the real cause turned out to be a faulty strg6353 voltage regulator.

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