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May 2011 Topfield TF7000HDPVRt PVR Turning off Randomly - Not Turning on - Freezing Up.

The fault can be found in the power supply section and is caused by an unfiltered 5 volt supply rail. The major cause HEAT, and 2-3 years of it! TOTAL COST INCLUDING Harddrive Testing $180.00~$290.00

Looking closely you can see areas of the circuit board where heat is dissipated and has caused discolouration. Unfortunately this heat has a habit of killing the only just within spec components placed in the same area! topfieldfixed.jpgReplacing the heat affected components with higher temp and higher voltage rated parts should extend the life to a further 4-5 years. 2-3 Years longer than a brand new unit and all for less than half the cost of a brand new unit.

All repairs come with Fix IT Fast's standard 12 months warranty. All Electrical repairs are tested to Comply with AS/NZ3760 standard for electrical insulation safety.