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June 2011 Panasonic UB5315/UB5815/UB7325/UB5825/UB5835 Plain Paper Electronic Whiteboard - Paper Jam/Jamming Printer

The fault can be found in the PRINTER section of the Machine. The major cause, a manufacturing defect in the printer tray pick roller and seperator pad, primarily caused by the type of rubber being used. TOTAL COST INCLUDING CLEANING UNIT $480.00-$550.00. Our repair does not use "genuine parts" as we have found through extensive testing the problem will return within 15 months - 2 years. We have sourced a replacement roller and seperator pad material which out perfom the genuine parts.

All repairs come with Fix IT Fast's standard 12 months warranty. All Electrical repairs are tested to Comply with AS/NZ3760 standard for electrical insulation safety.