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OCT 2013 . Lexmark x544 c540 c542n Smudged/Lines Copies/Prints any or all colours.

The LEXMARK X544 c540 Colour laser printer machine is now reaching 2-3 years of age. In brisbane thanks to our hot summers reaching 45~c and non aircond room temps reaching 50~c+ these machines fall over by the truckload. If you own one of these machines and it is kept in an air conditioned office (including satuday and sunday when most offices close) you will be lucky not to experience this problem. For every one else you will arrive back to your office (usually on a monday when we get the call) to discover you printer is printing like this.

Thanks to lexmark trying to reach an "environmentally friendly" accreditation on their printer range, they have chosen to use a natural latex rubber from rubber trees on a key component on this machine. Unfortunately this "environmentally freindly option" has led to this defect occuring in this printer model range and it always happens when the weather starts to heat up. Above is a picture of the affected part. You will notice the rubber of the roller is white/skin colour, this is natural latex rubber. Unfortunately the expansion in heat and contraction in cool temp characteristics of this roller lead to a wrinkling of the surface of this roller. This wrinkling of this roller then leads to the smudging/lines as seen in the above picture. As there a 4 of these in the machine for each colour(cmyk)all 4 will need to be replaced. Replacing the roller with a genuine part will just lead to the same problem occurring further down the line. Here at Fix it Fast Electronics we have manufactured a roller using petrochemical rubber which doesn't suffer the same issues, while technically it is not as environmentally friendly as the genuine roller it is regarded by us to more environmentally friendly as it fixes this defect Permanently and will work for up to 60000 pages.

Our "Fix IT Fast" Remanufactured Toner Cartridges Match or Exceed Genuine OEM Toners print counts and print quality all for a fraction of the cost.

All repairs come with Fix IT Fast's standard 12 months warranty. All Electrical repairs are tested to Comply with AS/NZ3760 standard for electrical insulation safety.